Saturday, April 21, 2012

This will be the 13th RC German Theater and Arts Trip since 2002 and I cannot wait to share some exciting experiences with my students. If you click on the month of May from the calendar on this website , it takes you directly to links with pictures (and in some cases video) of shows that will be on while we are in Munich. And we have some great tours and meetings with experts, and a great painting workshop lined up, as well. I'll be there this week already to scout out more.  Hope you enjoy our blog and check back frequently to see the pictures and reflections that we will post.


  1. Hope you all have a fun and rewarding visit.

  2. Hey everyone,

    I am so jealous of you guys! Congratulations on getting to visit, in my opinion, one of the best cities in the world. I went on the 2004 GIEU trip (wow, was it really that long ago?) with Janet, and it was a whirlwind tour of the arts! I saw 15 plays in 21 days, and I definitely recommend anything (but especially contemporary German productions) at the Kammerspiele. And you MUST go to Kleines Spiel - few people in the world even know where it is, and it's an unforgettable experience. When we went, Janet used her magical powers (and the theater staff were extremely generous) to get us a backstage tour so we could check out the puppets firsthand.

    Also, make sure to take full advantage of whatever workshops Janet has set up for you guys - our year we had a FANTASTIC drawing workshop, an ink-drawing workshop, a multi-kulti acting workshop with a group of Eastern European students (great opportunity to work on your German), and a classic bike tour of the city. Oh, and we also visited probably half the art museums in Munich. The Lenbachhaus was my favorite, but don't neglect the Pinakotheker! Any opportunities you have to learn about the arts and explore your inner self at the same time are opportunities you won't get to experience in the US, so don't let them go to waste! Do everything!

    And while you're doing all these activities and running around the streets of Munich, remember this: RIGHT NOW there is at least one person (me) and probably a dozen other people (my Deutsches Theater classmates from 2002-2006) who are extremely envious of you.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,