Thursday, May 10, 2012


Hello all,

We have been in Munich for almost a week now, and I have seen a performance every night so far!  It certainly has been an exciting, packed week.  Today was very busy, but probably one of my favorite days so far.  Allison, Sam, and I woke up a bit early to head to the Deutsches museum this morning.  It contained an overwhelming collection of science and technology related exhibits.  I most enjoyed the musical instrument exhibit.  It was cool to see a musical instrument collection in a science and technology museum since I just finished taking a physics of music course.  Afterwards we headed to Janet's hotel to share our artwork from our fantastic drawing and painting workshop from the past two days. (Which was, surprisingly, another highlight for me.  I am really developing more of an interest in art! I even bought some of my own supplies today.) We also shared some of the things we have been individually reflecting on.  It was really neat to hear about all of the different experiences we have each had while on the same trip.  I realized how much more there still is to discover!  Our next stop was "Muenchen liest-aus verbrannten Buecher," where guest readers shared some texts that were burned by the Nazis during WWII.  It was a very powerful experience, and I was excited to hear a poem that we had read last semester in Intensive 2! We then visited the King Kongs art studio, where we learned about a neat group of painters who do their work as a team and only sell pieces that they have all worked on.  It was a really neat concept that I had never heard of.  Then, after a huge (but delicious) schnitzel dinner with Lindsey, Ted, and Sam, we all met up at the Kleines Spiel marionette performance.  This was probably my favorite theater piece I have seen so far!  It was so fitting for this trip because the beautiful hand-made puppets made it a unique combination of theater and art.  We even got to go backstage afterwards to see how the puppets work.  It was really interesting to me.  I look forward to another exciting day tomorrow, and also can't wait to head to Fuessen to get a chance to test out my new art supplies in the Alps!


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