Monday, May 14, 2012


Happy belated Mothers' Day from all the students.

We arrived in Füssen yesterday. It is gorgeous here.  All of the students are well.  Their rooms are very nice and comfortable and I believe that they will sleep very well here, surrounded by mountains.  They have the morning free and then we will discuss our plans in Füssen. This will be a place for them to spend time in nature, reflect, paint, draw, and write.  We do not have WiFi at our hotel here, so there will be very limited posting to the blog. Parents who need to get an urgent message to their son or daughter are welcome to call my cell phone or email me, using the contact information you were forwarded by your son or daughter in my letter-to-parents. I'll check my email 2X day.

We will spend 4 comfortable days here, doing day hikes and exploring. I hear a cuckoo (a real one!) right now.  I have a sense that his little voice won't be enough to wake up the students, who are recovering from the city life of Munich. : )  The air here is the purest I have ever experienced, making sleeping conditions absolutely perfect despite the sun shining in. The air is a bit crisper than we hoped for (about 48 or 50 degrees, I'm guessing), but we will suffer through!  Pictures to come later.


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