Sunday, May 6, 2012

May the 4th:: The Most Incredible Day Ever

A few days ago, on May 4th, I along with the rest of the Deutsches Theater students had a once in a lifetime experience. The original plan for the day was to go on a simple nature walk, but Lindsey, who visited Bavaria last year, had the awesome idea to go to the chasm at Garmisch-Partekirche, a beautiful town at the foot of the Alps.

The chasm is called "Partnachklamm", you can check out more info on it and find photos here:

Lindsey had described it as a cave, so I was expecting to see a simple, narrow, dark cave. Walk through it once or twice, then leave. I was very wrong. First, the walk to Partnachklamm from the train stop was an adventure on its own! We got a little lost, but it was okay because we got to see so many cool things - from tiny fruit stands (with the most delicious looking strawberries I have ever seen) and even the ski-site from the 1936 Winter Olympics! The slopes were terrifying yet truly breathtaking. As a Floridian who had never skied, it was a really awesome and new view.

After about an hour of passing more interesting sites, baby billy goats, lone sheds, long fields, and snowy clifftops looming above, we made it to Partnachklamm. I was immediately shocked. After only a few yards, there was a giant waterfall - definitely the most "real" and largest one I had ever laid eyes on. Around that point, it became clear that although small caves were involved on this hike, Partnachklamm was far more - a distinct chasm between two rocky mountains. A furious white water rushed through a narrow stream about 20 feet below us. Only a wire railing and our wits separated us. Giant, moist, rock surrounded. It was a light tan or yellow, but the tight, pitch black caves we sometimes walked through were gray. The ground my hiking boots slushed through was a mix of gravel, stone, and brown dirt. The sound of walking was peaceful as it intertwined  with the constant rush of the water.

There were points where I stopped and touched the Earth. If anyone, ever, for some reason doubts nature's power, then they should come to Partnachklamm. Their minds would be changed in an instant. The place is alive, harmonious, and healing. Most of all, it is completely unglaublich - unbelievable - a word I found myself repeating through the hike.

The most prevalent thought, however, was thankfulness. I have been ridiculously fortunate to have been able to see these things in my life. I have seen Stone Henge, the cliffs of Cornwall, climbed desert mountains to see the sunrise, touched the Western Wall, hiked the Smokey's, the Alps, and Big Bear, and breathed the icy chills of Niagara Falls. Not only did I see these things, I experienced them.

I am very grateful to my classmates, Janet, and the Residential College for giving me this kind of opportunity. It is something I will never forget!

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