Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mai in Murnau

Finally in Germany! After a sixteen hour flight with a six hour layover in Philly, I have made it! Today marked our first full day in Murnau. It's such a beautiful city. This morning out started with the best breakfast I have EVER had. The bread the delicious, I swear I could have ate five rolls. After breakfast we walked to the Schlossmuseum to see the works of Gabriele Munter, W. Kandinsky, and other Blaue Reiter artists. Munter's lino and woodcut prints would make any printmaker envious. One artist that I was  especially fond of Heinrich Campendonk. I love how he combines geometric forms with bright, contrasting colors. 

After that, we walked to Gabriele Munter's house that was not too far away and basked in the glorious sun on her side lawn. The view from there was beautiful! Her house overlooked the city with the church right in the center. The inside of her house was turned into a mini-three-story museum with her works along with other Blau Reiter artists works displayed. 

Below are a couple of snapshots from today.

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