Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mai and Karin's Airport Adventures

Act I

May 1st 10:47 am, DTW

Karin: [Inwardly] Phew, oookay. So I didn't forget my passport, didn't miss my ride, my baggage wasn't overweight... good work Karin! That girl over there looks so comfortable sleeping. Maybe I'll take a nap too... wait. IS THAT MAI?

Karin: [outloud]
....Mai, is that you?

Mai: [groggily]
Oh, hey Karin!

[Karin sits down next to Mai, and pulls out a huge bag of York Peppermint Patties she couldn't help but buy at an overprice airport shop and offers Mai some. The two begin to chat.]

Mai: So, you excited?

Karin: Yeah! I have no idea what to expect when we arrive? How many hours is it until we're there?

[The two try to do math in their heads: 36 hours? no no wait no like 12 hours!! No wait that would be wrong it has to be 16. Wait is that including the time changes?? Yeah yeah, 16. OH okay yeah that makes sense. Does it? Yeah... right?]

Mai: I hope its hot and sunny!

Karin: I read it's supposed to rain the whole first week.....heh.

Mai: [Makes sad face but quickly recovers] But at least we'll be in the Alps! I'm so excited to walk around, get lost, experience new things. I can't wait to see the Ballet and the Opera. I'm supposed to be taking some German lessons while I'm there so that should help make the theater easier to understand but I hope to see a show in English too haha. OH and the best part, I think, will be the food!

Karin: Awwwwyeah. I know I'm going to cave and eat meat right away. So much for my pathetic attempt at vegetarianism. I'll just try to moderate my meat-eating I guess.

Mai: I'm trying to eat less meat too. I let myself eat meat on the weekends. [laughs] I can't give it up completely!

Karin: Yeah that's a good idea!

Act II

May 1st 2:16 pm, Philly Airport, Terminal A

Karin sees Mai walking towards her from way down the hall. She begins to wave furiously. Eventually Mai sees her.

Mai: We made it!

Karin: I'm sooo hungry let's go find some food. I need to write my reflection too! We should do that after we get food. [she grins]

Mai: Okay good idea. I'm hungry too! Where do you want to go?

Karin: Somewhere cheap! OOOoooh look there's a McDonald's here.

10 minutes later Mai and Karin are sitting by a large window overlooking a landing strip with airplanes parked close up to the building. Karin is scarfing down a...cheeseburger, and occasionally stealing some of Mai's fries. 

Karin: MMMmmmm

Mai: Welp, that lasted for about... 1 hour.

Karin: Oops. [grins guiltily] So..... haha anyways, what are your travel expectations Mai? We should get started on a blog post, eh?

Mai: I wanted set my expectations to be realistic so I'm not disappointed.

Karin: Yeah, things are never quite like you imagine them to be, but even if it isn't what you expected, the element of surprise is what really makes traveling fun, at least for me. I have a good feeling about the theater. And I can't wait to explore the city some!

Mai: I definitely expect to learn about German culture, and expand my knowledge of German experimental theater.

Karin: Yeah I can't even really imagine what the shows will be like! I can't wait to just get there. How many hours left?

Mai: Are we really about to do this again?

To be continued...?

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