Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Saturday in München

     Munich has been great to us so far! (I think....I hope). Well, it's been good to me and I pretty much love everything about it. I know it's about 1 AM our time, but technically it's still before midnight our time therefore I am on time with writing about our day! Today was a mostly cloudy and sometimes rainy day, which I actually prefer because I'm not normal sometimes. I prefer chillier weather and a good rain. It makes me appreciate the beauty in things more often.

Sam and I got up today and went walking around the streets looking for a grocery store to buy breakfast. After going through what I think was a grocery store all in Hebrew, we found a grocery store that suited our fancy. We bought a hunk of cheese, a pack of salami, and brötchen (bread rolls) to make breakfast sandwiches out of. It tasted great and we got some orange juice, too. I love the food here because everything tastes so fresh and not like it's been sitting in a store for a long time.

After breakfast we met with our tour guide Michael and he gave us a tour around Munich. He said he studied art and history in Italy. I never realized how much history there is in Munich! It was amazing the things we learned. He told us the story of why Bayern's official colors are white and blue and so many other things I can't even begin to explain. It was most amazing to hear about all the rich history about Nazi Germany and finally see the city where a lot of events happened. Michael was a more than phenomenal tour guide. Besides speaking who knows how many languages, he was always full of energy and SO engaging.

After our tour with Michael we all parted ways and went out to dinner and our respective theaters. We went out to a traditional Bavarian restaurant called the Weiße Bräuhaus (The white beer house). The food there was fantastic! Unfortunately, I don't have my camera available to show pictures, but I promise my next entry will have pictures!

We then went to the Kammerspiel and saw Gift. A story about a couple whose child died and separate and find their way back to each other. The acting was amazing and the theater was beautiful. German theater is so different from American theater and it's a nice change up from what I'm used to. It keeps you on your toes.

Because it's past 1:00 AM here and some of us are waking up to go to mass to see what it's like, I'm going to end this blog. I'm also going to steal a picture from Kasia of us after our tour. Thanks, Kasia!


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  1. Sounds like y'all are having an amazing time!