Friday, May 18, 2012

Blog from Erin on May 14

This is a posting that Erin wrote. She had no internet access.  Pictures to come!

May 14th

After a busy week in München with activities such as museum tours during the day, catching countless trams and trains, and theater performances almost every night, being in the Alpen foothill town of Füssen has been quite a treat.  While approaching the mountains in the train from München, I remembered how it felt to see them for the first time on the train to Murnau and I thought to myself excitedly "Wir sind wieder da!" München  is beautiful and has a fascinating history, but for the time being I am enjoying nature's beauty where I feel more at home and relaxed, and experiencing the unique traditions and history of rural Bavaria.

Today we took a tour on a bus, and I was told it was called a "romantic bus ride" on the "romantic road."  It was absolutely beautiful, except I couldn't enjoy the first half due to motion sickness.  I sat in the front for the second half and I felt fine.  Not very interesting, unlike the tour.  We visited two gorgeous baroque churches, Wieskirche and one in Steingaden. 

After the tour, we ate a quick dinner in our beautiful hotel room and left to see an Alpine horn concert  at sundown by two charismatic gentlemen dressed in trachten.  On the walk back from the concert we had the privelage of hearing a cuckoo bird.  Every experience today was perfectly traditional and unique to the region and it was everything I had hoped it would be. 

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